Right panel of diptych.

abstract painting of woman in map-based landscape with river

What does it mean to have a sense of place? How is the present connected to the past? What is the nature and origin of my personal story; of the people and life around me; of morality and kindness and cruelty? What assumptions are hidden in the way I think and the questions I ask? How does the feedback between causing change and responding to it play out in the individual? In society? Visual art allows me to explore questions like these in a nonlinear fashion.

The content of my work is shaped by broad interest in a number of scientific topics, such as biogeography and landscape ecology; a wide diet of literature and philosophy; and my identity as a deeply anxious person. I swim in a sea of anxiety. My inner life has been defined by mastering fears and wrestling with patterns of avoidance and shame spirals. I can't say, "I love," or "I want," without giant waves of anxiety welling up and tossing me in unexpected directions. As a result, I explore topics by approaching them indirectly; wrapping them up in layers of subtlety and ambivalence.